Sweet Dreams 

Dreams can be absolutely magical. My most favorite dreams are the ones where I can hear Alyssa calling my name and excitedly telling me a story, or when she is running up to me as fast as she can to jump in my arms or pull at my pant legs to get my attention. I love these dreams. I hold onto these dreams. 
Are dreams premonitions? I could only hope, but they could also be the answer to my prayers. I used to pray for the material things, begging God to let me see Alyssa walk one day or to at least let me hear her call on me, or tell me loves me. But at 4 years old,  I understand these things aren’t part of her journey right  now. I can feel her love. I can feel her happiness. She signs “Mom” and “Dad,” she’s extremely expressive. And she can roll right up to me when she’s using her standing wheelchair, so it works, and I am thankful. But He knows those desires lay deep in my heart. And when I fall asleep at night, He let’s me take a peek. 

Those are my most favorite dreams, of my most favorite girl, being absolutely free. 

Goodnight cupcake. 


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