What I Love Most 

I love in an extremely reserved manner. Extremely reserved. I don’t truly open up to a lot of people, like most of my peers, due to years worth of lessons. 

But, what I love most is that Alyssa, who has gone through the toughest of times, loves so powerfully and unconditionally. She has no boundaries. When we wake up next together she gives me a dozen hugs and kisses before we even make it out of the bed. And throughout the day, she gives me hundreds more. She loves to love. 

Because of her oral aversion, dentist visits are very difficult and although she may be screaming crying she’ll sit up, laugh, bust a traditional cupcake dance move, give you a thumbs up, and laugh it off. I wish I had her mentality and her strength. A heart so big she won’t ever be jaded, because her happiness permeates a room almost instantly. 

One day at therapy two little kids hugged infront of her and she got so excited that she reached right up to hug me. She gives kisses all day, she even scratches your back if you lean forward in front of her, which is quite possibly the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. She rubs her daddy’s head if he lays down by her lap. Her heart is so full, she just wants everyone to be happy and approving,  and it’s so refreshing. 

While this life can have its challenges, it’s balanced out by the little things. When it comes to cupcake, unconditional love is a lifestyle, and I’m so happy I was chosen to fit into her arms for a lifetime worth of hugs and kisses. 


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