Goodnight, cupcake. 

We are back in the hotel and trying to keep our schedule as normal as possible. Play time, feeding time, bath time, and then extra time for cuddles and kisses. The way you get so excited when you have our attention, It’s so heart warming. But to be honest, our nerves are a wreck. 
Tomorrow we know things can go one of two ways. Scenario one, Dr. Horlbeck mentioned on surgery day, 2 weeks ago, that your nerves are very tiny, meaning that when your cochlear is activated you may not have any reaction. And while we are okay with that, because that is our norm, we can’t stop thinking about scenario two. 
Scenario two, Stacy, our most favorite audiologist, sits us down, activates your cochlear, and your precious face lights up. Or you start crying, it’s a sensory overload, but we, selfishly, want the REACTION. no matter what it is. 
Alyssa we love you so much, it’s unexplainable, I cry thinking about it, as any mother does. But I prayed for so long, that you could just hear me. Hear me and your father telling you how beautiful, amazing, inspirational, strong, and smart you are. 
No matter what happens tomorrow, putting you to bed tonight is such a raw experience. This all we’ve ever known, almost 4 years of this life, and knowing that it can change in an instant makes it near impossible to lay you down tonight. Tomorrow at 9am, our whole world could be completely different. YOUR whole world could be different. It’s so impossible to imagine that we started this specific adventure with you one year ago. 
We hope, if all goes as we imagine, you love this world of noise as much as we do. At the end of the day, we accept this is God’s plan. He knows what is best for you and He knows your path, and we have to trust it. We love you forever Alyssa. 
Goodnight, cupcake. 


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