Our dearest little girl.

image4This blog is dedicated to Alyssa, dedicated to our struggles, our triumphs, and our situations. As parents of a special needs child our life is a little bit different than the “norm” and those differences can be challenging and at the same time extremely rewarding. This is a new way to look into her journey with hope and not pity, this blog is to open the boundaries. She is fearless and of course I want to share her joy with others. I love tellingĀ others about Cupcake, the more hope shared and the more questions answered is promising for a better future for her. This is about acceptance. Once we learn to accept those made specially, the more we can close the gap. It’s 2016, and its time.

The picture is miss Alyssa giving her “thumbs up!” Everyday this is her joy and everyday she is pouring out love to all those around her. Be more like Cupcake.


2 thoughts on “Our dearest little girl.

  1. Wanda Paryzek says:

    Alyssa’s story is truly beautiful and you should continue to share it. Children like her are truly special and extra blessed by God. These bring joy and inspiration to all they come in contact with. Continue to cherish heršŸ‘

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