7 days

On July 27th Alyssa underwent a cochlear implant surgery. She was born deaf and hearing aids did not seem to help her hear to much of anything. She has never responded to my voice or her dads. She does know how to say our names in sign language which was a HUGE accomplishment in our house. We could barely stand it, and yes, she said “dad” first.

We decided to only have one implant placed on the left side because she has an amazingly beautiful VP shunt on the right side and we didn’t even want to go there. In 7 days, August 17th, we will be traveling back to Jacksonville to have her implant activated. Because her nerves are very small we aren’t sure what type of reaction she will have on Wednesday, but as you can guess my imagination is running wild! Her dad jokes that when they activate it she will be already speaking in sentences, our little one has been through more in her 3 years than most adults.

It seems that everyday she teaches me that its the little things. All those days your little one may be talking your ear off or yelling your name 10,000 times and you’ve just about had it, theres another mom out there dying to be in your situation. That mom is me. The day I can hear a “Mom” or a big “I love you” I think I’ll melt. Love your kiddos and listen to those ridiculous stories, even if they repeat themselves. image2This picture was right before they took Cupcake back to surgery! Cochlear placement was uneventful and successful, two words we LOVE!


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